Study of natural Sciences and Applied Sciences in America


With the developments and innovations that we have reached in modern times, natural and applied sciences have become more important than ever before.
Qualified professionals in the fields of science and technology are of great importance and depend on them, especially with continuous scientific discoveries, and a rapidly increasing population increase in various parts of the world, and the field of research and development is very important and issues the forefront of areas, if you are a Accused in the field of natural sciences and applied Sciences you can continue your education abroad, where the United States of America has many universities, which are one of the top 100 universities in the world.

What are the admission requirements for the study of Natural sciences and Applied Sciences in America?

If you have a desire to study the natural sciences and Applied Sciences in America, it is best to improve your skills and to get high grades of secondary school diploma while you are in your country, as universities in the United States of America have certain criteria for admission to their university, should not The cumulative GPA is less than 3, or average B, and due to the strong competition between the science programs in America you need to have a product of the scientific courses and qualifications needed to improve your chances of admission to universities there, and that your degree in the high School is approved and accepted at the level.

In addition, you will need to prove your English language proficiency and achieve a certain level of proficiency before you are accepted as an international student with a minimum of 6 grades in the IETLS or 565 TOEFL test, and each university has other conditions and criteria to accept, and you will not be accepted to any university unless you can be sure that you are proficient in the English language.

What is the cost of studying the natural sciences and Applied Sciences in America?

After you limit your selections to four or five different universities for the study of the Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences in America you will have to plan your expenses there, most government universities have certain fees for international students, estimated at about 45,000 countries a year, including housing costs, Tuition, travel, food, and any incidental expenses.

What is the duration of the study in the United States of America?

The duration of the study in the United States of America depends on the course that it will take, with respect to the two-year fellowship, a four-year bachelor's degree, a master's degree from one to three years, and a doctoral degree from four to six years.

What is the nature of student life in the United States of America?

The United States of America encourages and affirms freedom and democracy and has some of the benefits it offers to international students, which are seldom found in another country, including:
  • A lot of financial assistance is provided to the student's students in order to complete their studies as required.
  • It is one of the world's largest economic countries, giving students a great opportunity to get the perfect job.
  • It is a melting pot of most cultures, giving the student the opportunity to learn about the cultures of others.
  • An international student can work part-time to cover his or her tuition and living expenses, and his/her work may be linked to his/her study and experience in his/her academic field.
  • Different education system there, where students can study the specialty they want without having to study unnecessary additional materials.
  • Flexibility in choosing the classroom program at any time of the academic year, where some of the programs and courses are offered more than once during the academic year.
  • Upon completion of the study, the student is legally entitled to work in the United States of America in a profession related to his field for approximately one year.

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