Study of agriculture and its fields in America


The study of agriculture and its fields is one of the areas of demand study and growing growth, where the world is moving towards the development of all means of safety of the food supply system at the global level, and the agricultural field is witnessing a remarkable development, especially in the learning of new techniques and strategies that Helps to grow this field, where the study of agriculture and its fields in America contains the best programs offered in the world in this field, which is accepted by many students around the world

Global population growth

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States (FAO) has announced that the world's population will rise and reach an estimated 10 billion people in 2050, meaning that the world is turning to famine if adequate and necessary food is not provided, so it becomes important and necessary for human life on earth to work to fold R the Agricultural field, and work to open new and different fields through academic study that relies on advanced research and modern global technologies.

Agricultural technology Development

Scientists and researchers in the field of agricultural studies have developed this science by integrating modern technology, through the creation of modern departments and fields such as the Department of Agricultural Engineering, which is one of the most important agricultural areas today, which helps the plant to grow faster and safer than before, as It has helped to rationalize the use of water and pesticides.

Requirements for studying agriculture in America

When planning a study of agriculture in America, the student must identify the requirements and conditions that he needs to be accepted as a student within the American universities, where the study is characterized by a lack
Minimum study But there are other conditions that are no less important than the age requirement that the learner must recognize such as:
  • The student must have a certified regional and internationally accepted secondary certificate.
  • The total degree of specialization is above the minimum, which is denoted by an average of B.
  • A prerequisite for good knowledge of English, and your success in both IELTS or TOEFL exams, the score should be at least 6 points in IELTS, or your grades should not be less than 565 degrees in the TOEFL.
  • Some universities conduct an oral test to measure the strength of the student's English language after being admitted to the university.

The cost of studying agriculture and its fields in America

As is well known, the study in the United States cannot be determined solely on the basis of the study, which includes food, accommodation, personal expenses and tuition costs, all of which determine the size of the student's expenses there, so before you travel determine the size of the expenses and study them well, it can be said that the average study in American universities cost an estimated 45,000 U.S. dollars a year, including all the above-mentioned expenses.

The skills you need to study agriculture and its fields in America

The student must enjoy some personal qualities that make him able to work successfully in the field of agriculture such as:
Skill in Project management: which means the ability to take matters, which is very important in working in the agricultural field, the student must be able to conduct negotiations, and also able to think economically.
Planning and research: The field of agriculture is a constantly evolving area, so it is necessary to enjoy the status of continuous research on what is new and specializes in agriculture and botany.
Teamwork: The agricultural field always needs a collective effort, so the student must have the ability to participate, discuss, make proposals, and assist all team members.
Professional communication: Being persuasive, learning how to communicate with others, whether verbally or through correspondence and writing.

Jobs that can be worked after graduation from the agricultural sector

The agricultural field contains many different areas and sectors that allow the student to choose among themselves, and determine the most appropriate area for him, such as:
  • Farm management: Is the person responsible for agricultural crops or animal production, and the management of the agricultural system is well complete.
  • Research and development jobs: it is possible to work in research and development functions which are one of the most important sectors needed in the agricultural field, through which the analysis, improvement, testing and development of agricultural product.
  • Operations Manager: He is the cost person, supervising the various departments in the company with agricultural specialties, and he is making the necessary decisions on promotions and employment.
  • Office Manager: Must have a high level of communication skills, because he is responsible for all the employees, projects, activities and agricultural research related to the company.

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