What are the fields of business Administration?


There are many different disciplines in the field of business management, as those who are more interested in mathematics and finance can specialize in accounting, and those who like to interact with people can specialize in general sales and marketing.

There are many other options for those interested in business management, including:


Accounting involves everything from a single financial transaction to the creation of financial statements and reconciliation of accounts, and has several orientations, including cost accounting, which includes costing of the product and other cost systems, and management accounting is geared towards the planning and management of financial systems, while accounting includes Tax application tax laws on financial matters at all local and international levels.

Organization of computer operations

Includes the establishment and maintenance of computerized business systems within the organization, this area depends on business analysis and how companies rely on their computer systems, and once the business needs are evaluated, programs and databases are created to suit the needs of the company and manage the communications within And between different systems, and to establish security measures to ensure that all stored data is kept securely.


The economy involves studying the principles and theories of micro-and macro-economics, micro-economics considers the economy through the study of consumers, companies and individuals, and the macro economy looks at the economy as a whole, i.e. to the forces of supply and demand, the spending of individuals within the economy, and pricing strategies, Employment and other issues.


One of the most important elements of business management and finance focuses on the study of investments, markets, and the evaluation of companies and institutions by searching for investments and companies, buying and selling securities, and how to identify the risks associated with individual investments.


Management requires the acquisition of knowledge of all aspects of the company, from the company's initial concept to its establishment and beyond, so the idea of projects and research markets is identified, market entry restrictions are identified and sustainability is determined in the future.

Human resources management encompasses all personnel management, such as recruitment, dismissal, career development, discipline, rewards, benefits and payment.


Marketing focuses on advertising and promotion of the company to ensure success and sustainability, in marketing you must know marketing strategies, market analysis, assessing consumer behaviors and habits, sales forecasting, and how to strategically market goods and services.

Public Works

This area has been created to learn about business management in general, and the general business area contains all the previous aspects and disciplines, including the basic concepts in accounting, finance, Computer information systems, economics, management, and marketing, with the potential to focus on more complex concepts Within each area.

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