Study of Philosophy


The love of reconnaissance and the discovery of the unknown man led to his thinking of the universe and the existence and deepening of his secrets in an attempt to find an explanation that his mind can accept, to begin to put questions and seek to answer the philosophical thinking and this leaders in turn to unlock everything in an attempt to reach the truth of this life and unpack Its symbols show the term philosophy, which philosophers have differed throughout history in finding a meaning or a general concept for them, who said that they meant "love of knowledge" and some said that it meant "seeking wisdom".
Philosophy is a mental activity or a way of thinking about certain topics and questions, such as the origin of the universe, the nature of the mind, the human soul, life, creation and knowledge, so that in some respects philosophy is concerned with the things that science has been preoccupied with in interpreting to create a relationship between philosophy and the different sciences in which each relies on The other. It was necessary to find a college in the university working on the preparation of specialists in philosophy that will have a complementary role for scientists in the pursuit of the development of societies and their advancement towards further progress and the arrival of a bright future, the period of study 4 years the student mastered through the materials that will be studied by many concepts such as:
  1. The genesis of Philosophy and the history of its development.
  2. The most important philosophical terms and their interpretation.
  3. The philosophical currents and theories developed by the most prominent philosophers throughout history.
  4. The relationship of philosophy to the rest of science.
  5. Sociology.

Why do you have to study philosophy

The study of this specialty is enjoyable and beneficial to the student and we will mention some of its benefits:

  • Opportunity to get the right job they teach you to be ready to learn, think and write to be able to compete intelligently and creatively.
  • Through the subjects you learn during the study, philosophy makes you a very creative person who is able to see things clearly and discuss controversial matters and analyze them differently from the rest.
  • You become able to ask questions about any topic and criticize it and then answer it in a logical way that is accepted by the mind as well as explaining the many things that have puzzled the human race throughout history.
  • Acquires distinctive skills in thinking, interpreting and logical discussions and learns how to express his ideas in a clear and smooth way.

Areas of work available in the study of philosophy

At first, some may think that a graduate of philosophy will not have opportunities to work, but the truth is the opposite: it can work in several areas, including
  • Teaching in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Providing psychological counseling.
  • Human Resources Adviser.
  • In the field of journalism and publishing.
  • Preparation of political and social studies.
  • Researcher in various methods and research.
  • In the field of law.

Postgraduate studies available in the field of philosophy

After graduating the student can follow the study and deepen further in philosophy or in one of its competencies through postgraduate programs offered by universities such as Masters, where it takes two years to study the student at the end of the second year presents a message to a group of specialists:
  • A Diploma of educational qualification through which he acquires experience in teaching the material.
  • Master of Ancient philosophy.
  • Master of Theoretical philosophy.
  • Master of Logic and philosophy of science.
  • Master of Philosophy, politics and economics.

The student can also follow his studies and apply for a PhD in philosophy, which lasts two or three years, during which he acquires more skills in research and critical thinking and at the end of which he presents a thesis before a committee of specialists.

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