Study of Pharmacy in Australia


The field of pharmacy is a field that opens a broad career prospects for graduates in many areas of health and pharmaceuticals, and when studying pharmacy in Australia, the student of Pharmacy teaches a lot of science related to pharmacy including pathology management, medical diagnosis, medicine management and its summer, And also the research methods to discover and install new drugs.

Giant pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxsmith Klein and Pfizer are allocating millions of dollars each year to be spent on drug development research, therapeutic procedures and the discovery of new drugs. These large sums are spent on equipment and supplies needed by the staff to achieve the results of their work.

As a pharmacy graduate, you are supposed to have the scientific, technical and chemical skills necessary to work in the fields of the pharmaceutical industry, or instead many graduates prefer to continue in the field of research in the academic field by studying Masters degrees and PhD in pharmacy, There are also a good number of scholarships available to fund research projects for students wishing to study postgraduate degrees.

Request for a course

In order to meet the requirements of enrolling in a bachelor's degree in pharmacy at an undergraduate university, you must have completed your higher education on the pain of Stewie A or his equivalent, you will be asked to have studied chemistry, biology, and sometimes mathematics during the pre-stage phase. Undergraduate (usually high school), since competition to enroll in a bachelor's degree in pharmacy in Australia is fierce, students who have already obtained a university degree in pharmacy have a priority in admission to the course for other students.

The student is also required to provide proof of his/her proficiency in English now, by submitting his or her IELTS or TOEFL score, and most of the pharmacy courses in Australia require the student to have obtained a degree ranging from 7 to 9 in the IELTS test, and you can get the requirements to enroll in detail Send a message to the university you want to study in Australia via our sign.

Study options

The Bachelor degree in pharmacy lasts for four years, and the school year is divided by two semesters, and there are final exams at the end of each semester, and the course contents are a bar for lectures, laboratory courses and special lessons.

The study of pharmacy in Australia will give you the opportunity to understand pharmaceutical disciplines in the field of pharmacy, where the study deepens to include pharmaceutical research, molecular pharmacy, the effect of medications, and others.

Your level of course materials in pharmacy is evaluated across several stages and more than one standard, so expect to be evaluated through the classroom tests, the study presentations, grades to contribute to the pain of the classroom, degrees on the practical study, and the grades of final exams.

The Register declaration far

The Agency for the Management of health workers (AHPRA) is responsible for ensuring that all medical and health practices in the health field are of high quality and conform to the highest agreed standards, so most students of the pharmacy courses at Australian universities hope to get A job in the pharmaceutical field to become accredited by the agency (AHPRA). Registration and accreditation of the Agency allows you to practice the profession lawfully, and the dependence confirms that the holder has sufficient scientific knowledge, skills and training to provide the best health care and medical consultation to the patients, and to obtain Accreditation you must apply for online registration and pay certain expenses, and once your urine has been completed, you will be required to complete a training period of approximately one year, and during the course of training, you are expected to enter into pharmacy-related tests and the specialty of the pharmacist in which you specialize.

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