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We will talk about dentistry in this article, although some people underestimate this type of specialization because teeth are not an important organ of the body compared to the heart or brain, for example, this belief is wrong. The dentist is not only the person who does the tooth extraction, but also the oral and dental care in general.
This branch of medicine has an ancient history where the Pharaohs were the first to begin dentistry since 3600 BC, where they used simple and rudimentary surgical instruments to treat them.
With the passage of time and the development of science, this medicine has become a branch of human medicine taught at universities of all countries and is known as the science that deals with the health of oral cavity of teeth, gums and jaws and addresses its multiple problems such as decay, tooth loss, gum ulcers and the appearance of boils besides compensation Teeth and beautify them.

Specialization of Dentistry

A dental student teaches many subjects and gives a university degree after completing a certain number of years of schooling, due to the university in which he is studying, and after graduation the student can directly practice the profession or continue postgraduate studies, and most of the materials are divided into two practical and theoretical sections, where he studies The student initially has a number of foundation materials, the most important of which are:

(Anatomy): It deals with the anatomy of the head and neck in addition to the anatomy of the Teeth, (physiology) and (biochemistry), in addition to learning many skills including the skill of taking medical history of patients, the work of dental examinations and the development of appropriate treatment plans,

One or two years of dental specialization include the study of substances that have a more practical application in terms of diagnosis and treatment, including those related to oral and orthodontic medicine, simple oral surgery, dental pulp, dental problems in children, Sunni compensations, age and other supports, and in the year The latter is the most important application side where every student is asked to have cases of endodontic treatment, crowns, bridges, gum treatment etc...

Why you should choose a dental study
This specialization is humane and the Doctor is the one who deals with people and may affect their lives positively, as it means to rid people of their pain and improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth and faces.
  1. It is a specialty that gives flexibility in working hours, number of days, hours and is independent and owner of the option to open his own clinic as soon as he graduated.
  2. The student's desire to enter the world of medicine and specialization in the field of dentistry and oral surgery.
  3. The study in this specialty provides a space for the student to experience practical in all specializations of dentistry is one of the few colleges that gives the student the opportunity of practical training under the supervision of the faculty.
  4. Dentistry is always a renewable specialty and the student during his studies reaches all the new methods used in the treatment and developments in the field.

Areas of work available in the dental specialty
  • After graduation, the student is entitled to work in a private clinic and is able to diagnose and treat oral diseases and to treat the effects of accidents and disorders of the mouth and teeth.
  • A dental graduate can work in academic fields, research and training new dentists.
  • The ability of the graduate to work in government hospitals, corporate hospitals or one of the private nursing homes.
  • The graduate can choose the research path and through it can enroll in one of the medical specialties or related to epidemiology and others...

Postgraduate studies in Dental specialization

Specialization in certain fields will open up future opportunities for students, both academically and professionally, and capable of conducting complex operations in hospitals and private clinics, as well as conducting research in laboratories and educational institutions.
There is a wide range of graduate programs that students can enroll in such as:
  • Orthodontics, face and jaws: this specialization means the diagnosis and modification of the defects of the jaws and teeth as well as the prevention of the distortion of the dishes, as the corrective treatment aims to obtain healthy and healthy dishes, and teeth with proper order.
  • Age-old medicine: This specialization means the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal, bone and dental diseases as well as their prevention.
  • Endodontic treatment: This specialization means the endodontic treatment of dental nerve as well as the diagnosis and prevention of dental nerve diseases.
  • Facial, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery: This specialty is concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases and accidents in the mouth, face and jaws. The oral and Maxillofacial surgery specialist also cures the problems of molars, orthoplastic surgery, oral cancer treatment and dental implants.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: This specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of oral problems suffered by children up to the age of 14, such as fluoride therapy and the status of the Sunni closure.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases: it is concerned with diagnosing oral and dental diseases and surrounding areas using various diagnostic tools such as radio-graphic images and biopsies.
  • Oral and maxillofacial radiation: the diagnosis of diseases by means of radio-graphic imaging of various types.
  • General health of the teeth: this specialization means recruiting forces and community efforts for the control and prevention of oral diseases.

The duration of the postgraduate studies is approximately three years in which the student chooses one of the previous disciplines to study in it and be authorized to carry out surgical procedures (dental implants-bone transplantation-tooth extraction), and the student can continue his studies in dentistry in the most famous countries that are interested in this specialty, the states United States and Germany.

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