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Civil Society Leadership Awards, known as the Csla Grant, offers a new heavy-caliber grant for a course that begins in August 2020, if you have not heard of this institution before, or the number of scholarships offered by it, let me give you a glimpse of the most important educational grant organizations around the world.
Civil Society Leadership Awards
A New York-based American Foundation founded in 1979 by George Soros, who runs his organization alongside his deputy Leonard Benardo and President Patrick Gaspard, who has offered many grants over all those years, and has given many opportunities to many young people around the world to build a better society, and has financed Over the past 36 years more than $14 billion for many educational programs ranging from health and medicine to education, business development and project management, have targeted the most ambitious and most needed young people worldwide.
Let's start with the grant and the information provided according to the organization:

Required criteria:
  • Be a citizen of the countries listed below.
  • Demonstrate maturity, flexibility and leadership potential.
  • Neil's bachelor degree with excellent academic record.
  • Show professional experience related to your chosen field of study.
  • Show proficiency in the language of instruction (English, German or French) at the level required for admission by host universities.
  • The ability to participate in an intensive summer school by the Academy in July or August 2020, and to start the program in August or September 2020.
  • The ability to obtain and secure a visa as required by the host country.
  • A clear commitment to building your home country, which is one of the most important criteria because it reinforces the main objective of the Organization.

The grant is provided to nationals of the following countries:
Afghanistan-Azerbaijan-Belarus-Cambodia-Democratic Republic of the Congo-Egypt-Equatorial Guinea-Eritrea-Ethiopia-Laos-Libya-Myanmar/Burma-Republic of the Congo-South Sudan-Sudan

Scholarships are allocated to study in the following areas:
  • Communication, Journalism and media
  • Culture, History and society
  • Development Studies
  • Economy
  • Department of Education and Leadership
  • Environment and Natural resources management
  • Gender studies (sexual identity, studies on women and men....)
  • Human rights
  • Law (including Human rights law)
  • International Policy and studies
  •  Public health
  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Social Policy
  • Social services

The organization adheres to its principle of equality of opportunity and the exercise of its policy on all applicants, which does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Objective and priorities

The competition for CSLA is open and merit-based, as the choice depends on the applicant's compatibility with the objectives of the program as well as the criteria for the admission of graduates in participating universities, academic excellence, professionalism, the potential of leadership in the field of specialization, and a firm commitment to the values of the organization, Appropriate language proficiency are all important factors in evaluation.

All eligible applicants will be reviewed by an international selection committee, and the masked candidates will be interviewed by a selection committee comprising representatives of the university, CSLA staff and representatives of partner organizations, such as the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD).

Guiding rules
  • Applications are submitted until midnight 15 May 2019 According to the Eastern daylight saving time.
  • Unqualified students will be notified in late August month.
  • Applicants who pass the initial stage become in the semi-finals and will be invited to an interview scheduled for late September or October.
  • Applicants to the semi-finals are required to secure two recommendation letters and submit them directly to CSLA by referees by October 1, 2019.
  • Contestants in the semi-finals will be required to conduct an official language test by the end of October 2019, as all candidates invited to the interview are entitled to one language test to be arranged and paid for by Csla.
  • The final selection will be held in November, the results will be sent by email by January 2020.
  •  CSLA staff will start the recruitment process for successful students at the host universities.
  • Joining Csla takes some time, Csla will seek to confirm the nomination of candidates for the finals by late April 2020.
  • Once the appointment is secured, the finalists will be informed that they have received CSLA grants and will be required to sign and return an official grant document before taking any further action.
  • Interested applicants must complete a CSLA online or paper request and submit it with supporting documentation that must be considered for the CSLA Support Center.

To register for the grant

You can either via the Internet through the following link Open Society Foundations Grant Portal, initially please log in and submit the application, or in paper form, and for more information to you the grant page at the main site of the organization here.

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