Mechanical Engineering


If we want to return to the beginning of mechanical engineering, the research will lead us to the seventeenth century when Newton developed the most important laws of physics that were applied in practice at the end of the eighteenth century to be known as the Mechanics of mechanical science, and with the great industrial development of Europe began to evolve the science Mechanics and its applications.

Specialization of Mechanical Engineering

It is a science that cares about the study of energy in all its forms through its focus on power and movement, and this made it related to all areas of life, such as aviation, engines, machinery, transport and transfer of energy and all related to the movement of production and industry, the need for a college in the universities to prepare mechanical engineers They have a broad knowledge of the basic principles of mechanical science and the ability to apply them successfully as well as possess the necessary skills to design and operate machines and analyze complex systems and return them to their simple elements and link them with the rest of the engineering that complement some, where the student studies in these The college has a term of 4 or 5 years in which it specializes in one of the many disciplines of this engineering to which we will mention:
  • Auto mechanics.
  • Flying mechanics.
  • Power mechanics.
  • Naval mechanics.
  • Mechatronics.

During the study of Mechanical engineering, the student learns in the first year mathematics, physics, materials science and other basic materials to enter and deepen the mechanics, to identify in the following years the science which is considered the basics of mechanics and we will mention:
  • Science of Motion.
  • The science of stillness.
  • Mechanics of materials.
  • Engineering measuring instruments.
  • Control.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Fluid mechanics.
  • Mechanical design.
  • Machinery mechanics.
  • Engineering Drawing.
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration.

After graduation, the student obtains a license in mechanical engineering.

Why you should study the specialization of mechanical engineering

  • When understanding the basics of mechanics, a person is able to achieve the success that he or she wishes in any field.
  • A mechanical engineer can work in many areas where he has a good material return.
  • The graduate of the mechanical engineering has experience in the rest of the engineering where he possesses experience and knowledge about the work of computer applications, electricity, design, mathematics and physics in addition to having an idea about various social, environmental and economic factors.
  • The mechanic participates in the industry of the future, where we find its imprint on a lot of modern technology that affects our present and future.
  • We find only one area in need of mechanical engineer such as airports, cars and exploration equipment, as well as factories and labs for his expertise and skills that do not exist at the graduates of other disciplines.
  • The mechanical engineer can provide services to various scientific, industrial and service institutions and contribute to solving the problems or obstacles faced by these institutions.

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