A highly important engineering specialty, focusing mainly on the study of ship designs, how to manufacture and build them, the methods of equilibrium, the basic navigation and marine engines, and other engineering studies related to the field of ships, containers and maritime transport.

This specialization is one of the most specific engineering departments in its field, although it is based on various engineering basics from multiple departments, including mechanics, technology, physics, etc.

Course Content:

This section focuses in particular on engineering studies related to the marine community, through study materials, including:
  • Water movement Sciences, physical and chemical properties
  • Structural Analysis of ships
  • Study of global standards for ship-building organizations and bodies
  • Study of Motor Sciences
  • Math
  • Design Sciences
  • Naval Arsenal
  • Mechanics
  • Marine architecture (ship and Offshore Platforms Engineering chart)
  • Beach Engineering (Deep water drilling – Offshore platform construction – etc.)
  • Industrial Security and safety

And other relevant courses, all of which are aimed at serving this specialty..

Job functions:

Graduates of the Department of Marine Engineering Find them a large market for jobs, because of the great demand for this highly sensitive and important engineering specialization, in all areas of marine, whether close to engineering, or that need marine engineers a basic component of the work done In seawater.

The tasks performed by the marine engineer are numerous and numerous, including:
  • Design, establishment and construction of naval vessels
  • Design and construction of offshore platforms such as oil and gas extraction platforms in the heart of the seas and oceans
  • Working in the manufacturers of engines of various types of marine vehicles (oil, containers, goods, cruise ships, etc.)
  • Working aboard ships as an engineer to monitor the volume of cargo, the operation of ships and the pursuit of engines during various journeys.
  • Work in other related areas, considering his in-depth study of motor science and electricity during his study period
Besides the opportunities to continue in the academic field, and to achieve higher grades (master or PhD) in this specialization, and increase opportunities for promotion and career development.

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