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If you aspire to study abroad, in an English-speaking country, you will have to prove that you can understand and deal in English before you begin your studies, as a prerequisite for your acceptance whatever specialization you want to study. In this article, we will highlight the importance of the IELTS language test and all you need to know about it.

Many educational institutions abroad require that the student provide proof to achieve a certain level of proficiency in the English language. The IELTS English test is the only universally recognized proof, as it achieves the four basic skills required to deal in English, and assesses the student's ability to communicate through it.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an abbreviation for International English language Testing System, a test to measure your ability to communicate in English, which proves that you have a certain level of acceptable English, whether for work, study or other purposes. The IELTS English language test evaluates all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Who recognizes the IELTS certificate?

Educational institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland and South Africa, and a large number of professional bodies all over the world, including the Immigration Service of New Zealand, and the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom. They all recognize the IELTS English language test. Besides, this certificate is recognized by more than 6000 other institutions, from various institutions around the world.

Who guarantees the quality of your IELTS test?

This international test is co-developed by global bodies such as the British Consulate, the Australian IELTS system, and the ESOL system at the University of Cambridge, with the aim of ensuring that the tests are applied to all nationalities, by placing the test content and evaluating the answers internationally, so that any A kind of cultural, ethnic or linguistic bias.

There are two types of IELTS English language tests:
  • Academic testing: It is intended for international students who wish to study at higher education institutions in the English-speaking countries.
  • General test: It is suitable for people who want to migrate to a country of English or to join a job there.

The two tests differ from each other only in part: reading and writing, which is more intensive in the academic examination of the student's need for greater training. Either the listening and speaking part is often the same as the test in both cases without additions.

IELTS Test stages in English:

Listening part:

Consists of (30 minutes), (4 sections) and (40 items)

You will be tested in this section by listening to a full conversation, you are asked about special and public parts, in different formats and styles.

Reading part:

Consists of (60 minutes), (3 parts ) and (40 items)
 You will have to understand the text you read in detail, and prove your understanding of the information that can be somewhat complex, by answering the questions that accompany the text.

Writing part:

Consists of (60 minutes) and includes two parts

Put this part because you are expected to use English for a variety of different purposes, you have to show that you can be fluent in writing in English, across a variety of topics and contexts. Your writing will be evaluated in English by your interest in vocabulary, grammar and writing style.

Speaking part:

Consists of (11 – 14 minutes), 3 parts

In this section, you will be subject to a verbal interview, during which the person who duologue's with you on a range of topics is discussed. Like some personal topics, going into a short discussion – without Help – on a specific topic, and engaging in a debate on public issues.

Test scores. What does it mean?

Once your test results have been evaluated, you will be given grades that indicate the level that you have shown during your testing, and the following are defined for these degrees:

9..Excellent in English

8..Very good in English

7..Good in English

6..acceptable performance in English language

5..Modest English language

4..Weak in the English language

3..Very poor performance in English

2..Beginner in English

1..Non-English speakers

How much does the IELTS for English test cost?

Currently, the IELTS International English language test costs about £115. You can search for the cost of testing by country and local currency on the official IELTS website.

How much do I need to study at a UK university?

If you are aiming to study in the United States, Canada, UK or Australia, you will be required to achieve an IELTS score ranging from 6 to 6, 5. But note that some disciplines such as medicine, the admission requirement may be 7 degrees or higher. However, the degree is usually differentiated by university and specialization, and there is no single rule of acceptance.

What about the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL test is used in the same way and for the same purposes, to demonstrate the student's ability to communicate in English when applying for academic study. This test is sometimes recognized by British universities as a parallel certificate to the IELTS certificate. The TOEFL is an American test aimed at assessing the English language of the student but in the American dialect, not the British, which is the recognized certificate in All American universities.

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