Free specialized and certified courses in entrepreneurship and business management


When it comes to economic growth for any country, entrepreneurs and business executives contribute a lot! However, not all businesses and projects are successful and profitable, and their success differs from one market to another and from strategy to second.
To help entrepreneurs or project managers overcome the obstacles that they may face, and implement the right strategies for the success of their business (no matter how big) and analyze the speed and feasibility of their growth, financing, planning and marketing, these are accredited courses from international Universities you can complete. And obtain certified certificates free of charge:

Course includes: 4 courses + project. You will then be able to obtain a certified certificate.

Entrepreneurship Courses
Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business Specialization
This specialized course, offered by the University of Maryland, aims to develop a mindset and important leadership and management skills, explaining how you can put your idea into action, drive it to the market, and write your own business model.

Entrepreneurship Specialization
The University of Wharton's specialist Entrepreneurship course covers the rules, design, organization and management of new businesses. These four courses are designed to take you from the point of view of possible opportunities to implementation, development, finance and profit under the guidance of the best lecturers, entrepreneurs and Wharton financiers to help you create your own project or develop the current project and get appropriate funding for it.

Start up Entrepreneurship Specialization
The goal of this course is to focus on the creation of new business, innovation and entrepreneurship, by helping the student to get through the whole process of creating a business and project from just an idea.

Business Management Courses
Business Foundations Specialization
In this course you will be able to understand the language of business management and start developing your little project. In this course you will learn the principles of marketing, accounting, operations management and finance.

Managerial Economics and Business Analysis Specialization
The course offered by the University of Illinois (within its MBA educational program) aims to teach you the basics of managing and running a business or project and explaining the qualities of the market in it and the economic environment within which it operates.
You will be able to build a strong understanding of market operations, know the level of the company and the economic country that will govern the issuance of decisions, and how you can analyze the company's status and growth using the known anti-static tools.

Business Strategy Specialization
This course, offered by the University of Virginia, covers the dynamic aspects of corporate strategic management with case studies from major companies such as Disney, Microsoft and Z opus. The course explains how to build strong competitive features, develop a successful management strategy, and ensure that people's efforts achieve organizational strategies.

Foundations of Management Specialization
This course gives you a comprehensive introduction to successful management practice during the four main aspects: Accounting, Finance, marketing, organizational behavior. In each course you will be able to study cases of already existing companies from the four sides.

Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization
This course, presented by the University of Allen, explains the principles of effective leadership of people and teams, management of organizations and what tools are used to analyze project conditions and develop business strategies.
This specialized course covers the strategic management of human resources and important organizational principles to create a high value and competitive advantage.

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