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Since the creation of the first complex societies characterized by the existence of social peace, symbolic forms of communication (e.g. writing) and separation from the natural environment have been created by the human being, a set of rules has governed human behavior in those societies and evolved with time until they reached what they are today. Of complexity and detail.
If you are a person who loves rights and advocates, and you have that passion for studying the laws that govern our lives every day, and help us solve societal problems, here is the list of the best law universities in Britain for the year 

Nottingham University
With the opportunity to study a year abroad, spend the rest and time on the most wonderful campus, the education of Rights at Nottingham University seems attractive.
The student satisfaction rate at the college here speaks for itself, reaching 4.25, the third most satisfied student of their university on this year's list.

University of Bristol
This year, the Bristol School of Law at the University of Bristol is renowned for its research products and centers of excellence, including the Center for the application of human rights, the Bristol Patent Project and the Bristol Legal Clinic.
The university offers its students a great rate of post-graduate employment and options for studying abroad.

University of Edinburgh
The Scottish university in the field of rights and law is doing well year after year.
The Faculty of Law of the University of Edinburgh has been in existence for almost 300 years and boasts of its authentic 18th-century building, which has a strong reputation across Europe, which deserves to be added to your final list of universities.

Durham University
We now turn to the center that has cost the University of Durham £48 million, the center of Paline, the Durham Law School, you never intend to lose its reputation as one of Britain's best legal universities at the moment.
If the look of the whole new building doesn't attract you, do a quick search for the photos of Durham in your browser, the city is really amazing. With admission rates among the top ten universities, it is not easy to accept at this university, but with very high rates such as the quality of research, the criteria for admission are worth it.

University of Glasgow
Another Scottish educational facility was able to join the list of the best law universities in Britain. It's been on the list since 2010, and you can't argue whether it's going to go on.
Glasgow University will provide you with a solid platform in the principles of rights with an opportunity to study abroad, in fact, 65% of the students with honors do so.

King's College London
With a global reputation for business history in the Integrated University Handbook, the Dexson Bon College of Law at King's College must be on Ra-dark, not just because of its interesting location.
Sits in the building of Somerset House and the West End area on its doorstep.

London School of Economics and Political science
In addition to preparing students for work in the field of law, teaching at the London College provides students with the skills of analysis and logical discussion that many staff appreciate, or as they say.
But we will let their continued performance in the Integrated University Handbook and in the list of the best law universities in Britain speak for themselves.

University College of London
The Faculty of Law at the university boasts that its degree includes rigorous examination of the principles of the Code, understanding and implementation of its principles and methods.
We will talk about the subject and let you know that since the establishment of this guide, the Faculty of Law at the university has not left the list of the top 5 colleges, other than the top 10, is that enough? No? What about the fact that there is only one university better than it at the rate of hiring students after graduation.

University of Oxford
With a history of nearly eight hundred years of law and Rights education at Oxford University, it is not surprising to see them have excelled almost perfect in this practice.
The university's certificate of Qualification in law focuses on the study of statutory forfeiture and the formation of legal argument, so it is best for you, that tickets are hard and assiduously.

University of Cambridge
The best in the study of law, the best in all fields, the University of Cambridge, and simply cannot be stopped.
With a total rate of 100 (out of 100), going to the University of Cambridge is not something you want to think about, if you have the necessary intelligence.
Cambridge University Law School is a diverse and exciting experience, "we are passionate about teaching our students well and helping them build a deep understanding and appreciation of the fundamental place of rights in civilized society." Take this quote from their site.
If all is not enough, consider that the employment rate of graduating students tops the list and leaves others behind.

This was the best Law University in Britain. We wish you all the best if you want to join.

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