Many medical specialties appeal to students who are passionate about medicine every year. One of them is a practical applicant, one of whom is a pharmacy professional to make their precious medicines. But between this and that there is a certain type of student who likes to catch the stick from the middle, and advances to a college to help him by acquiring theoretical cognitive on the one hand, and the process from the other. Not only in one specialty, but in both disciplines. This middle specialization is the specialty of nursing. In the end, while the physician interacts with the patient in the detection room and the operating room, you interact with the patient at the stage that mediates the detection and processing of the operation, you are here a nurse, and the nurse keeps the life of the patient at any cost.

Nursing specialization

The basic nursing material taught in the first year is a very important knowledge base for the following years. In the first year you are studying (Essentials of Nursing ), a year-round material that is the largest in quantity, the largest in terms of the number of university professors that teach it. That article has practical chapters besides the theoretical explanation. She also teaches the subject (Nursing ethics), in which she deals theoretically with the ethics of the training profession, studying the rights of both the nurse and the patient. Finally, the material (anatomy), which is very important, examines the muscular and organic structure of the human body, thus treating the bodies of patients with caution and accuracy.

Between this and that you are studying many other interfaces and intermediates. In addition to the above, you are also studying the material (Animal physiology – Animal Physiology), in which you deal with blood, cells and organs of the organism. The Almaikrobiologia-Micro Biology, in which it deals with Bacteria and microorganisms. This is beside the study of parasites, psychology, human behavior, and some other theoretical subjects.

After studying the scientific preface in the first year, the specialization starts from the second year in one of the departments of the college for three full years, after which you get a practical concession year. These departments are surgical internal nursing, maternal and newborn health nursing (obstetrics and Gynecology), pediatric nursing, nursing management, mental health nursing, community health nursing, elderly people, critical situations and emergencies, adult health nursing.

Why you should choose a nursing specialty study

Nursing is considered one of the most humane and responsible professions at the same time, and the nurse must have a high capacity to communicate with others and have the desire to help them and listen to them to understand their pain and interact with them, even if they are not able to treat them as the doctor but the barrier that lies between the patient A doctor breaks the nurse so the patient feels comfortable with him and tells him things he may not tell the doctor.

In some countries the importance of the nurse is important to the doctor and although he is not entitled to prescribe treatment but he has a broad knowledge base about diseases and treatment and dealing with them.

Areas of work available in the nursing study

  • Working in the therapeutic and rehabilitation sector in government or private hospitals, as well as in rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers for victims of accidents or neurological diseases.       
  • Work in the preventive sector. The preventive sector includes several bodies and sub-organizations such as maternity and childhood centers, family planning centers, staff and public health training and education centers, as well as scientific research centers. The last type of center in particular helps you to post graduate studies.
  • Work in the educational sector. This includes both educational nursing organizations and schools. It can work in the same nursing college, health technical Institutes, technical nursing colleges, as well as technical secondary nursing schools. In particular, the Arab States have missed considerable attention to the technical institutes in general. You can also get a diploma in Educational Sciences and work as a classroom teacher for biology or chemistry in some private schools, and even apply to a teacher's post in government schools as well.

Postgraduate studies in Nursing specialization

    Postgraduate post-graduate studies are a major and important endeavor for many college graduates already. You can start a professional diploma first, then do a masters, and then you do a PhD. The latter entitles you to receive a nursing fellowship.  

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