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Physiotherapy is the most effective therapeutic medical option, and the prices of physiotherapy are very reasonable for the patient compared to traditional medical medicines, and in recent years we have noticed an increase in the demand for physical therapy qualifications.

Physiotherapy is a medical specialty in certain therapeutic areas, and a medical specialty for the treatment of a wide range of pathological conditions, including physiotherapy, sports medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, geriatric and neurological diseases, and orthopedic surgery, so physiotherapy has become a thriving study and career option today. Getting a degree from abroad gives you a great advantage over others working in the field.

Course Content

If you want to study physiotherapy abroad, you will find different options to study and choose from. You can also take a combined course to get both a bachelor's degree in Health sciences and a Masters in Physiotherapy, a double course that is completed in four years; or you can get a bachelor's degree in science in one of the areas specializing in physiotherapy such as re Sports qualification. If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can enhance your practical skills by studying for a masters degree in physiotherapy. We have presented below some details about a few of these courses offered by leading universities abroad.

Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters in Physiotherapy is a study program offered by the University of West Sydney in Australia and the study program focuses on the relationship between the physical therapy practitioner and the patient. The first three years of the study program gives you a bachelor's degree in health education. You will then study other basic medical topics shared with students studying for health sciences. You will develop basic medical information and a broad understanding of the different fields of biomedical and health Sciences, which will help you to give you a deeper understanding in the study of physiotherapy, and will help you to work in multiple groups and medical centers and different disciplines, and will help you to advise patients about treatment options. Students who study Bachelor of Health Sciences are also able to specialize in physiotherapy, and study is conducted through lectures, hands-on training, and work in laboratories.

The Bachelor's degree in sports rehabilitation Medicine offered by the University of Hull, UK, provides graduates with the knowledge and practical training necessary to conduct training programs specializing in the rehabilitation of infected athletes, thus filling the gap in the lack of need for specialists in physiotherapy And the provision of training during university studies. Problem solving skills are the subject of evaluation in the study, the study includes subjects such as Applied anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics, manual and electrical therapy, physical therapy with exercise, sports nutrition, and training techniques. Field work is also an important component of the study, both in the second and third year, and in the development of both personal and clinical skills, the graduate training provides the necessary medical skills to work as a sports qualification and provide prevention services, diagnosis and accurate evaluation of injuries, and techniques of RE Rehabilitation to restore the athlete to the highest level of athletic performance in the shortest possible time, the study is accredited by the British Association of Trainers and Sports rehabilitation physicians.

The PHD study in physiotherapy provided by the University of Central Florida, United States, is an accredited post-Bachelor degree course, which includes both classroom and clinical training. Students who successfully complete their studies receive a national qualification program to take a license in the treatment of physical examination.

Master's degree program in practical physiotherapy from La Trobe University, Australia; students were able to obtain a relevant medical university degree to obtain professional qualification for physiotherapy practice. In the first semester, students are practicing the development of clinical thinking, diagnosis and medical treatment in basic medical fields such as heart and respiratory diseases, and musculoskeletal and neurophysical therapy across different Sunni stages, followed by another 18-month study that includes An integrated theoretical study and clinical practice topics, during which students are practicing in the clinical working environment.

Study requirements

Students who have completed 17 years, and have obtained high scores in physics, chemistry, Biology and English, are eligible to apply for a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. This will be eligible for a Masters degree in physiotherapy because the Bachelor's degree in Health sciences or in any related medical field is mainly required to study physiotherapy at the master's level.

Career Opportunities

The field of physiotherapy includes treatment of a wide range of pathological symptoms, a medical field that is very much needed today. Many clinics, hospitals, health departments, the role of invalids, and special nursing and rehabilitation centers in the Arab countries and abroad need specialists in physiotherapy medicine. Countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada offer excellent job opportunities for well-qualified physiotherapists.

By acquiring a degree in physiotherapy and a little experience, you can practice the profession in particular.

Also, with increasing health awareness in many people, there is a growing need for physiotherapy to establish practical medical programs to assess workplace safety and to raise awareness of the importance of preventive medicine in the workplace and in the home.

One of the medical fields emerging from physiotherapy is the field of sports injuries, as a physical therapist can find career opportunities available in any sports club, or start working on a special scale in his/her own clinic.

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