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Humans agree with some animals in their physical structure and share with each other in many physical characteristics with some differences or advantages that make the man the site of the ruler and the Master of the planet, and as long as the human desire to know the composition of his body is a necessity to preserve the human race of diseases The attacks of deadly epidemics have created the human biology as a means of identifying its physical composition and keeping the human being true and healthy, and biology was the most science that the human being has shown his inclination to study and identify it since the beginning of creation, and began to study all the forms of organisms on the surface The land and ways to use it and employ it for its own benefit, he studied plants and methods of cultivation and the identification of the good of them for his food or medicine and studied the varieties of animals and how to benefit from them; So biology was associated with all the different natural sciences, including medicine and chemistry, as demonstrated in The ancestors and the ancients came from manuscripts illustrating this, such as Aristotle, who is the first to classify animals according to their characteristics, and before him in the pharaonic era, Doctor Imhotep, who appeared 2,800 years before birth.

Biology has emerged as a science that deals with all forms of human life and the characteristics of living organisms and the study of their biological phenomena and stages such as birth, growth, old age and death and their interrelationships with each other and is a very large and very complex science with many branches to mention the most prominent or the most important Microbiology, ecology, evolution and physiology in addition to its close contact with other sciences such as biochemistry, which is a science that connects chemistry and biology, as well as pharmacology and the pharmaceutical industry; So if we talk about biology in general we're talking about A group of science does not know one.

The importance of biology comes from the need to explore the human being of what is happening around him and the role in his environment and to explore the necessary knowledge in the fields of agriculture, medicine, genetic engineering, protecting the human race and understanding the physical and biological foundations on which human life is based, so if you intend to study biology Abroad it is expected to specialize in the study of one of those science that falls under biology such as ecology and evolution, microbiology, Arachnoids, sociology, bio-mechanics, bio-physics, biochemistry, botany, entomology, herbal science Medical, virology, zoology, Gerontology, Parapsychology, and many others too. One of the most prominent study destinations for the most popular students in the Middle East for Biology studies is Australia due to Australia's remarkable diversity in its animal and plant environment, where students have an ideal study experience that enables them to examine the exploratory process of a citizen Living organisms in Nature Australia's universities are also leading universities in this field of study.

After finishing your studies at one of the prestigious universities in this field you can work in many areas that will be available to you, such as:
  • Forensics. 
  • Biotechnology. 
  • Laboratory Science. 
  • Agricultural and animal research functions. 
  • Pharmaceutical Research and drug production. 
  • Food industry.

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