A study of the specialization of Fine Arts


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Specialization of Fine Arts

The Faculty of Fine Arts is the right place for talented and artists. It is necessary for the student who chose this branch to be inclined to these arts and carry the desire and passion to learn them and enter into details, and there are a number of competencies:
  • Interior Architecture (Decoration Engineering)
  • Visual Communications (Declaration)
  • Photography (Drawing)
  • Drilling and printing (Graphic)
  • Sculpture
Why you should choose a fine arts study

The Faculty of Fine Arts is one of the very distinctive colleges that you see always filled with many talents and prepared by some for him the ambition he seeks to achieve in life.
The study in it is very enjoyable although it is often tiring but who loves this type of study will not feel the effort, it is a mixture of practical application and theoretical study as well as a wide area of creativity and innovation may not get it in other colleges.

The arts have evolved in general and are closely related to working life, so that any precise detail in the work, home, clothes you wear, or accessories that you add to the clothes or home must already have come from this specialty.

Its studies have expanded and become integrated into many departments and businesses, such as interior design, programming or marketing, it is no longer a domain limited to a certain category of people, which some of the morbid or the fluffy of poetry imagines scattered clothes and ideas and who draw anything that no one else understands.
The student gets a practical training every year, and the student graduates from the college with a total of 4 practical exercises during the entire study period.

Areas of work available to graduates of fine arts

The College of Fine Arts has a very good future. After completing the study of this section, you will have many functional areas depending on your chosen specialty:

  • Interior Architecture: Decor design, industrial design and fashion design
  • Visual Communications: Advertising design, photography, Arabic calligraphy, decoration, design, formation of Latin characters, free drawing and computer design
  • Visualization section: Drawing paintings with multiple techniques
  • Drilling and Printing department: Drilling and painting techniques in Chinese ink and black-and-white vacuum configuration
  • Sculpture department: Includes work in metal, gypsum and sculpture
Higher studies in fine arts

After finishing, you can complete the postgraduate studies through the work of artistic projects with something new to the art system in general, the study of the art or the part in which it is specialized and its relationship with other arts or other sciences or even art in certain historical eras with linking it with history and politics.

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