Suggested Bachelor in Business Management

There are a lot of Accredited Certification Programs to help you getting your Accredited Certification ,we will mention one of them with all information about it so keep reading.

Business Studies - European University Cyprus (EUC)

It provides you an Academic Degree in the field which you want, it provides you the practical business skills in accounting, finance, human resource management, strategy, change-management, and quantitative and qualitative tools of analysis. It has a wide range in all fields which allows you to choose without restrictions and the flexibility in study.                                
The objectives of this programs which its location in Cyprus are several such as it helps you to develop your thinking and mind in an innovative and creative way, to develop your awareness and respect, increasing your education thus you will become a person appropriate for people and society.
You will have analytical critical thinking able to make decisions and communication. so, increasing promote your personal achievement and contribution to organizations.
It provides you also all requirements which you need. The Graduates of the program Business Studies have a great importance in the entire spectrum of the modern economy, their importance waylays in identifying and solving problems of the everyday operation of a business (general organization and administration, financial and accounting situation, personnel administration), increasing the effectiveness and efficiency as much as possible.

Kinds of Careers

  • Executive at Human resources department
  • Officer Of Public Relations and Marketing
  • Seller
  • Insurance adviser
  • Estate agent
  • Professor
  • Administrative Officer
  • Business Consultant
  • Bank

Some Requirements

First, you have to speak English fluently through getting The TOEFL because it measures your skills in the language. There are more requirements such as completed application form together with a non-refundable fee of €52, official copy of High School Leaving Certificate and grade mark sheet, in English, copy of valid passport/identity card and one passport size photograph.

The program also includes many courses like Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Introduction to Business, Finite Mathematics for Business, Business Calculus and Applications, International Business.

You can visit the website by pressing here for more information.
After finishing study and graduation, you can work at Cyprus but after getting a work permit from your state, you also need a student visa.

European University Cyprus offers an extensive Financial Aid Program which aims to provide financial assistance to students who need aid in order to begin or complete their studies at European University Cyprus. There are various schemes to help students financially. European University Cyprus awards scholarships up to 15% on tuition to selected students with outstanding performance (B average and above) on their High School leaving certificate or Bachelor degree. The financial support can vary in the case of outstanding candidates.

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