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Nursing has a great importance considering as the nation’s largest health care profession in the world. The indicator of that waylays in the increasing of nursing demand continuously to complete the need of patients and hospitals.
To be a nurse, means having a successful career. So, if you want to be a nurse, you should know that your opportunity in getting a profession will increase in next days.

That is because of being the largest single component of hospital staff , nursing considers as a basis of hospital. In addition to, you should know your work as a nurse doesn't incumbent on only care of the patients but also case management, establishing nursing practice standards, developing quality assurance procedures, and directing complex nursing care systems.
Your work will be in several places like nursing school-operated nursing centers, insurance and managed care companies, nursing homes, schools, mental health agencies, hospices, the military, and industry.

You can study in Accredited College Degree Online Program all you need about nursing clinical areas as pediatrics, family health, women’s health, and gerontological care. Nursing’s scope also includes care by clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse-midwives.
Studying at most continuous for four years but it differs what academic degree you want to study. All the graduates get the same state licensing exam, but in the last days nursing education has shifted from hospital-operated instruction into the college and university system.

Best Online Colleges for Nursing

It is a popular distinguished university so it considers as the flagship campus of the State University of New York, it provides a lot of academic degrees and Accredited Certification Programs which the students need. 
For nursing, it provides a comprehensive study on both the graduate and undergraduate level. In addition to, it is an accredited university by Middle States Commission on Higher Education,Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and Commission for Midwifery Education. It provides Accredited Certificate Courses. 
you can study in three different kinds of nursing bachelor's degree programs, after graduation you can enroll in Master of Science in Nursing programs, doctoral-level programs and advanced certificate programs.Its fees reaches $9,257.
Purdue University and Kaplan University have merged with each other which enables students to fulfill their needs.
 Its importance in position since it has got the campuses of Kaplan University in 2017.Which made it widened its regional and global, its fees reaches $15,352. The combination of the both caused to provide all the students need like courses, programs, professors and book in any specialization. It also provides competency-based bachelor's degree program which helps students to get it in as little as one year. 
This university has accredited from Higher Learning Commission and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

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