Get information about advantages & approaches of online college education


Get information about advantages & approaches of online college education and other accredited certificate courses

Computer and its applications have become an important part of our modern societies in life.

Information technology about computer has invaded a lot of fields of life. This technique has changed a several aspects of life in a short time. Modern technologies have changed a lot of life's concepts; for example in economy, trade, education, and science. Everything has become easier nowadays because of internet and laptop.

In the last decades, the person who wants to learn had to travel from country to others. All of that just for learning. Today, you communicate with your teacher through the internet, ask him, answer and get information. This development has opened a lot of ways for millions of people to continue their secondary and university education. In addition to getting degrees with taking at least one online Accredited Certificate Courses besides their degree. Why not? Definitely, we should follow technology and deal with its tools. There are great universities that accompanied this development and were able to make their position.

There are a several opinions about online education but the most of these opinions have encouraged this method of education because it removes many difficulties which stand in face of who want to continue the study and facilitates a lot. One of its advantages that it will not reject any student because seats are full! While some opinions see that getting information of that type of study is still unclear. And there is no list about the accredited universities which we can't be controlled. Maybe it is unreal. The student can't know that in case of absence of guidance and censorships. Statistics and results have showed that 84% of people believe that there is no clear or enough information available about online education. While 14% of people think the information, which just to increase the confidence about the university you study at, maybe available in case of the personal diligence, asking the experienced people of this type of study and correspondence with the specialized authorities if a university is outside the country. And it has confirmed that 43% of people think it is not possible to approach this type of study because it depends on internet a lot and students will not commit if they are not in the university. While 57% of people think it can approach this type of study.

A lot of us resort to the universities which have an accredited certificate courses. And every person has pressures and excuses which forced to do that. Some people have ambitions to improve themselves.

Accredited College Degree Online Program is useful for married women and mothers who wish to complete their courses, because their time doesn't help them and every young man does not have enough time to balance between his work, his study and his family. And the student's health should be taken in the consideration. The presence of such these universities in some countries has great reasons and importance, including improving the quality of education and making a good reputation. In addition to, getting accredited certification from a highly qualified great university plays an important role in providing job opportunities for students in general. We should mention that some of required specializations are not available right now except in specific countries. So, many of people prefer online education to save time, effort and money.

There are opinions think that online education is not successful because there is no experience of university life for students. There is no dealing with professors and colleagues. So, it will be not effective. In addition to setting limits for that type of study with devoting it for specific classes of society which have different circumstances.

One of the specialists said that the enormous revolution in online education allow diversity in methods of academic degrees online. And there are advanced and specialized universities for that. Online education provides a way for people who have obstacles in their education. So, these people are the most benefited of that type of study. One of reasons for universities to allow online education is decrease the distance for the international students. And he indicated that there are a lot of students benefit from that type of universities who don't have enough time for study or don't have a chance to do that or work in good jobs and want to upgrade their work and position. So, the perfect way for them is that type of education for getting accredited certification. Online education maybe is a negative way for students because they lose their academic life. Life in the university teaches the students the commitment and the discipline. With giving them experience in body language by speech and presentations in the academic halls. That is through dealing with the professors and experienced people in the professional life. Which make students benefit more even after finishing the lectures. By asking the important questions with taking valuable advice. It also helps students to share in the activities, getting courses and experiences in voluntary matters which organized by the university throughout the year.

There are a lot of obstacles which is standing in the way of academies and conventional institutes like the budget reductions, highly costs and decrease in programs. These problems don't help the learners to do that. So, a lot of learners are enrolling in online education. Nowadays, the statistics has proved that there are almost 3,000,000 students enrolled in online college education and 6,000,000 getting at least one online Accredited Certificate Courses. That indicates online education has become a popular choice.

Advantages of accredited College Degree Online Program

Several people who are learning online discover a lot for example; the experts, scholars and fresh high school grades. There are a lot of advantages some of them in following:-
  • · The ability to communicate with teachers and experts or other students easily, because of the variety of methods of communication in the chats, or e-mail.
  • · Save time for professors to follow up the students and provide their requirements.
  • · Increase the number of students enrolled in the online educational branches, while solving the problem of shortage of available abilities and the decrease of classes.
  • · Increase the effectiveness of teachers.
  • · the variety of methods of education, which makes it easier for students to choose the best way to understand the lessons, which reduces the time and effort and increase efficiency in achieving educational goals.
  • · The student gets feedback continuously, which makes it easier to know what progress has been made.
  • · Providing students with valuable sources of information within a short time.
  • · Reduce the cost of education, so that it is available to all individuals of society.
  • · Providing services which support the students, which represent in early registration, making of study schedules, and running of the educational branches.
  • · Indemnity for the lack of training cadres in some sections of education, through the use of virtual classes.
  • · Changing programs and very quickly on the Internet, following the requirements of the present or plans of the ministry, without any high costs.
  • · Skip the obstacles that prevent the accessing of scientific materials to students, whether they are in faraway places or beyond the borders of country.

Disadvantages of online education:-

  • · Absence of control:-
    In the university, the professors who controls the teaching method, encourages the students, organizes the teaching of the materials, prepares the methods of getting the information, and in this case the student is just a receptor. But in online education, the student is responsible for organizing his schedule, scientific materials, the way he will learn, the courses which he wishes to enroll in, etc. This means that if the student does not have self-motivation, he will definitely end up with wasting time and not learning anything.
  • · Debilitation in social communication:-
    One of the reasons that prevent many students, especially the social one, from enrolling in online education is the absence of colleagues. So, absence of competition and communication. Online educational programs often contain a teacher explaining through videos, and the student is the only receptor. Therefore, that may cause boredom to many students, prevent them from continuing the educational process, or push them to postpone the study.
  • · No real application:-
    In the conventional education system, there are workshops or courses may be available for practical applications, especially for theoretical subjects. But in online education, the most that can be provided are videos that show how to apply it in general, but it does not provide methods to help the student to experiment on his own.
  • · Non-effective for people with special needs:
  • · Most online education methods focus on images, explanations and videos which are not suitable for the blind and the deaf, for example. While in the conventional education methods, the blind are taught by the Braille method.

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